A hybrid approach for managing web site development projects

This article describes how to combine the two most common project management methodologies to get the best out of your web site development project. Usually, a project is considered successful if it reaches its scope within the allocated budget…

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A web project can be considered divided into two large parts, the backend and the frontend. Since they are separated processes they can be developed in parallel. AEM has included a mechanism to generate a webpack-based frontend development module…

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AEM Query examples and tips

Many times, JCR queries facilitate the work of the AEM developers, also to review a massive change of sling: resourceType or to perform fulltext searches on the web site. Adobe recommends building as less queries as possible, paying special attention for the production…

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AEM Style System and Oriented Object CSS.

The AEM Style System was introduced with AEM 6.3 SP1 + Feature Pack 20593  and allows a template author to define style classes in the content policy of a component so that a content author is able to select them when editing the…

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AEM as a Cloud Service

Adobe proudly announced that its CMS, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), one of the best CMS nowadays, is now available as a Cloud Service as well. AEM is a content management solution that helps professionals keeping track of their content.…