HTML Template Language

What is AEM HTL Read-Eval-Print Loop tool?

AEM HTL Read-Eval-Print Loop tool is a live code editing tool for HTML Template Language that can be executed on your Adobe Experience Manager Instance. It will help you to test and debug all that you wish about HTL…

Adobe AEM privileges

How to grant permissions to subtree in Adobe AEM

Basically an administrator takes advantage of Adobe AEM user manager tool to grant all privileges and arrange main security policies, but there are some scenario that requires an advanced configuration and it should be figure it out in a…


Adobe Granite OAuth Authentication Handler

Introduction OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows you to approve one application interacting with another on your behalf without giving away your password. Every day new websites launch offering services which tie together functionality from other sites, typically…


Adobe Granite SSO Authentication Handler

What is SSO Single sign-on (SSO) is a access-control method for allowing access to multiple, also independent, systems with a single authentication. The user authenticates once in one system and is automatically allowed to access to all other systems in…


Search in AEM

AEM content repository is based on Apache OAK, which implements the JCR standard. OAK allows to plug different indexers into the repository. An indexer is a mechanism to optimize the searches on specific paths/node types/properties through the use of…


AEM User Forum – Madrid – May 2017

Hotel Silken, Madrid, 8 June 2017: the first AEM conference in Spain, organised by Adobe,, CodeBay/CodeLand and AKQA. In a very appealing location, CodeBay and CodeLand had the pleasure to actively participate in the organisation, proposing two different…