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Adobe proudly announced that its CMS, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), one of the best CMS nowadays, is now available as a Cloud Service as well.

AEM is a content management solution that helps professionals keeping track of their content. It is the most flexible and open system for building and managing web solutions to drive the customer experience. It can be also referred as a fast and easy way to provide access to the correct content to your customers, by using a user-friendly interfaces and built-in features. Due to its usability, it has gained a huge popularity.

With Cloud Service, you can worry less, innovate more, and grow faster.

So far, AEM needed a complex infrastructure with several servers that needed multiple licenses and maintenance. That meant an expense of resources, time and investment for companies that were forced to manage this aspect of the the CMS. AEM as a Cloud Service further abstracts its hardware layer, taking care of scaling the infrastructure vertically and horizontally when needed, and presenting to the client only with the AEM endpoints needed to author & publish the content, and interacting exclusively with the AEM user interface.

The main benefits of AEM as a Cloud Service are:

  • It is always on:

    The entire service architecture has been revisited so that you do not experience any downtime (99,95% up time guaranteed); for neither the content management, nor the content delivery capabilities.
  • It is always at scale:

    All AEM instances in the Cloud Service are created homogeneously; so the service architecture will automatically scale, up and down, depending on the client needs.
  • It is always updated:

    AEM as a Cloud Service implements a new, continuous delivery pipeline for the AEM codebase, with automated updates up to several times a month. This solves one of the main challenges of AEM applications, by keeping the system on the most recent version.
  • It is always evolving:

    AEM as a Cloud Service evolves on a daily basis, based on the projects implemented by our customers. Content, code and configurations are constantly reviewed and vetted against best practices, allowing to guide the client on how to achieve the business goals.

In conclusion, AEM is a powerful tool in continuous growth and Adobe is simplifying its use, allowing its adaptation for maximizing the client outcomes. With this kind of configuration, the focus points directly to the important aspects of the client projects.

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