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Scheduler Service. How it works?

One of the AEM functionalities, is the capability to develop a task executed by a specific period of time. It is called Jobs. However, there is a possibility where the requirement come up to execute the functionality in a specific Interval of time. To do that, we have a Scheduler Service.

Scheduler service, how it works?

We have created an osgi service where you can inject the Scheduler service. It has the date time as a String type stored in a resource. The main part is that the code is type as “if”.

As you can see in the code, there is a runnable object which is set as “what to do”. Next you have to check if the job exist. In case it exists, you need to remove it. It will avoid to have lot of threads on the system. However, according to the  documentation, if there is a scheduler task being executed with the same name, it will be removed and replaced automatically by the new one.

Finally, if the period of time is correct and it works, the last thing you have to do is wait until the task is fired (this is the reason why there are lot of logs).

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