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AEM User Forum – Madrid – May 2017

Hotel Silken, Madrid, 8 June 2017: the first AEM conference in Spain, organised by Adobe,, CodeBay/CodeLand and AKQA.

In a very appealing location, CodeBay and CodeLand had the pleasure to actively participate in the organisation, proposing two different sessions. The aim was focused on AEM use cases, showing how AEM can be used in practical scenarios like retail, finance and transport.
Here the proposed agenda:

  • Opening remarks & AEM Overview – Adobe
  • Guest Speaker – Lufthansa
  • Banking experience reimagined – AKQA & CodeBay
  • Guest Speaker – Lavazza & AKQA & CodeLand
  • Closing remarks –

As CodeBay and CodeLand we had the occasion (and the honour) to propose two sessions. Each session started with a strategic overview given by our partner AKQA followed by a technical analysis related to how AEM can be an empowering tool to practically achieve such results.

Banking experience reimagined (Paolo Mussi – AKQA; Jonas Magdaleno Rodriguez – CodeBay): in this session we started from the experience we have grown during our collaborations in different major banking institutes in Italy, focusing on topics like seamless integration between private and public/commercial websites, personalisation and commercial engagements in AEM. The analysis has followed with the explanation of two different integration models, one proposing AEM as a content provider tool to an existing transactional engine, the other one proposing a full AEM banking approach to push full flexibility and control over the complete user banking experience;

Lavazza use case (Marco Galimberti – Lavazza; Paolo Mussi – AKQA; Ignazio Locatelli – CodeLand): this session started with a strategic overview from Marco Galimberti (Marketing Lavazza), followed by a communication – UX analysis from Paolo Mussi, ending with a technical overview on how AEM has been used to implement the new Lavazza to-be website solution, with specific focus on personalisation and AEM integration with the Hybris commercial engine.


It was great for CodeBay and CodeLand to be there. It has been our first conference as organisers so it has represented a wonderful experience and a very good occasion to get in contact with our partners and Spanish market. We saw a lot of interest and excitement around Adobe Experience Manager and the event was very good in giving different points of view supporting the adoption of AEM in the analysed market areas.

For CodeBay and CodeLand another important step in their growth in the Adobe Experience Cloud market with the aim to continue to increase our know how and become an important reference in this field. New meetings and conferences will arrive soon: stay tuned!

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